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Concert for peace in Yugoslavia
Perth, Western Australia 18.04.1999
(amateur, private video)

Organized by Australian Serbian National Federation of Western Australia Incorporated as a part of the coordinated anti-war action held throughout the world, initiated by the International Action Center based in Central New York, with main message of this worldwide gathering:.
„Stop the US NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. Stop the war in Yugoslavia“.
Event has been supported by various communities and organizations in Western Australia

Digest from the Australian broadcast of media reports on 1999. NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia (ABC/SBS/10)
Commemorating the victims of the bombing raids on SRY,  first segment, 14th episode of Avala TV

Digest from the AU broadcast
of media reports

14.1. Commemorating the victims
of the bombing raids on SRY

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AVALA TV production team:

Boris Radmilovich: executive producer, series director, editor, camera operator

Tanja Visosevic: director, editor, camera operator
Veselko (Vee) Savic: director of photography, camera operator

Vesna Grbovic: journalist, host announcer
Bane Grbovic: journalist
Predrag Pex Delibasic:  journalist
Milenko Kovačević:  journalist
Vida Karabuva: journalist, host announcer
Tanja Glišić: journalist
Mile Gatić: journalist
Marina Dragović: host announcer
Žana Djapić: journalist
Jovana Nešić: host announcer

Advisory Board members:
Bane Grbovic, Vesna Gaponov, Milena Ninkovic, Branko i Radmila Rada Karabuva, Mirjana Radmilovich.

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